My cold reality has captured me

Lifted me up like a police does to un uncooperative suspect 

My legs are somewhat in the air and on the ground 

How did I drift this far?

In the deep still waters

Who took my oars away? 

Like a creeping plant, 

You creeped right inside my heart 

My mind was unwilling to let you in

My heart, had it’s doors wide open 
Now am scared,

Scared of the aftermath 

The ashes from the burn

The blissful tormenting memories

The lingering thoughts of your touch

The fading of our laughs 

The warmth turn into cold 

When love is mixed with bitter pasts

Fear is awakened 
They say the heart has a way breaking laws

When you hold a ‘slow down’ sign,

It actually accelerates full speed

When you hold,” proceed with caution ‘ sign

It throws all care to the wind, 

Proceeds like a flock of sheep heading towards a cliff 

To face their sudden death
My heart has been served on a silver platter for you

My hands cuffed on my back 

A millstone around my neck

Down on my knees, perfectly surrendering myself 

Head faced down, in total defeat. 

You have won it all, 

My heart, body and soul
When the heart wins over the brain. 

The wise and the fools all become

Mute as a fish

Blind as a bat

Deaf as a doorknob 



Serenade me,Make me loose my sense of self,

Make me crave you like my morning tea,

Make me dream of you in every way possible 
Tell me sweet words,

And sweet nothings 

Melody to my heart , mind and soul

Whisper the sweet lies men whisper to women.

Lets make a sexcapades together 

One that will burst the escapades and sexcapades zones 

Serenade me 

Like the way the old folks did

With your words that speak this love language to me
Serenade me in all places possible,

Don’t stop until I crumble under your words

Hypnotize me until I open up my shell to reveal the pearl hidden inside 

Serenade me under the moonlight,

Let the stars and moon cheer up for you,

While we watch the fire flies set up the floor for you. 

Serenade me by the ocean sand,

As we leave our foot prints on the sand 

While listening to the bubbling of the blue oceans

Serenade me under the sun

While we sit under the baobab 

Listening to the chirping of the sparrows
Serenade me

Make up sex

He took me with a good kind of rage, pushing me against the wall, he handcuffed my hands . " This is so you dnt pull me out until am done with you." He said.
He lowered his face to my vigina. He kissed my majora , then he slowly opened up my folds to reveal my soft delicate minoras. Placing his soft warm tongue there, he sucked the juices out of me. He pressed hard , now his whole face was buried in me, his nose was doing a thing on my clitoris as well. I never knew a mans face could result in this much pleasure. I closed my eyes and took it all in as now I couldn't remove him as I was tied.

I was almost there when he stopped. He removed my cuffs, and carried me to the couch. We spread it into a sleeper chair. He placed me there and walked away. The view was magnificent, I could see his manhood dangling down as he walked, hitting both legs. It was in a semi solid state. He came back holding a bottle of lavender oil. I was happy as before the urgument, I had mentioned how bad I needed a massage. I loved his massages, his manly hands knew how to hit my pressure spots. I turned myself ready for my massage. He poured the oil all over me, my back, bootie, thighs and lower legs.
His heavenly hands began their work. I found myself drifting off to sleep, only to be woken up when he reached my thighs. He took one thigh at a time. Massaging from the folds of my pussy all the way to my knees. Ooooh how this ignited me again, when his hands were at my folds, I lifted up a bit , he reciprocated by giving me a kiss in my pussy.

Wet, warmed up and relax I laid there. He finished my massage. He brushed his finger on my lips.
"Oh my goodness." I exclaimed out.
Holding me by my pelvic bone, he arched me upwards a tat bit as he entered me. My body still slippery from the oil. He banged the brains out of me. I screamed in pleasure, I moaned as I rocked with him. He then laid himself on my back. Placing his mid finger on my clitoris, he massaged me while he entered me. I found myself not able to hold my hot liquid inside. I let it take over and sprinkled everywhere. He held on tightly too as he made his delivery inside me as well.

Make up sex never felt so better. I may just make it a habit , to make him angry, so he can bang the brains out of me again.